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Welcome to my Lifestyle Blog

A while ago my friends asked me to write down all the lifestyle, health and wellness stuff that I often talk about. This sounded logical as it gives me more beach time. Here it is. Enjoy!

Health and Wellness Industry Boost

The flu pan(dem)ic of 2020 has given the health and wellness industry a massive boost. Now more than ever are people mindful of their health. Science labs published studies how important Vitamin D3 and Zinc are for balanced immune health, and this pushed up demand for nutritional supplements.

Start a Business from Home

Working from home, besides your day job, is very much in demand at the moment. This might just be your opportunity to start something new and earn an extra income by promoting the best nutrition in the world.

More and more people are working form home, saving hours on the daily commute, spending more time with friends and family. This will reduce pollution and traffic accidents. The new hygiene recommendations will limit communicable diseases a lot and save many more lives.

Getting Social

Another side effect of the changing economy is that I'm now working much closer with people via social apps like Linphone, LINE, Telegram and Zoom. There is no need to travel to meetings, we just hook up when the need arrives. Colleagues who would not want to travel in the past, now show up online.

My Health Story

In my youth I wasn't very healthy. For the first 16 years of my life I was a (passive) smoker, as my family and relatives smoked a lot. Food was too fat, contained too much meat, and not enough nutrition. As a result I was quite unhealthy with many chronic health problems.

When I was 17 my health minded uncle from Poland introduced me to a more healthy lifestyle and a vegetarian diet. My health improved, but after a few years I still suffered from malnutrition symptoms. It is not easy for a vegetarian to find adequate nutrition. Fruits and vegetables are not as nutrient rich as they were 50 yeas ago, due to modern farming. I needed supplements to improve my health.

Good Nutrition

After trying the best herbal nutrition supplements I could find, my health improved a lot. In the first two months I've reduced my waist size by 5cm and my weight by 8kg. Furthermore, a number of diet related health problems I had since childhood cleared up simply by getting good nutrition every day. For the first time in years I felt fresh and alive again. At last I was fit for fun.

Fun Sports

As I became healthier and stronger I started a more varied training programme, like sailing, running, canoeing and survival swimming. Soon I began to work as a part-time lifeguard, still do for charities. This wasn't possible before due to lack of stamina.

Another dream was to start surfing and bodyboarding. So I went to Newquay in Cornwall, England, and took surfing and bodyboarding lessons. These sports require a lot of stamina and endurance to last for a three hour session. Great fun!

Personal Wellness Coach

When I got more involved in sports and fitness, I became Lifeguard and a Personal Wellness Coach, sharing with people my passion for water sports and good nutrition.

Now I go with my team to sports events and have a good time. It is a great way to meet interesting people and introduce them to wellness and our business opportunity. I've been involved with many businesses before, but none provided me with the quality of life and freedom like the wellness business opportunity. Come join me.